Ramona Nemeth-Csoka

Smart Slider 3 – Slider groups

It’s not so easy to keep track of your sliders when you have many of them. You might have a smaller amount of published sliders on the same page (e.g. in the home page).

And it would be great if you could see all of these sliders together, or even, publish them all at once. We came up with the slider group idea and implemented it in a way that will allow us to add extra features in the future.

Creating groups

The groups make it easy to create and publish landing pages which have many sliders. Instead of publishing 5 sliders and constantly maintaining 5 shortcodes/modules, you can group them. In a group, it’s possible to manage the sliders at the backend together. You don’t need to touch the post or the module to add a new slider or remove one.

The old landing pages (Steak Bistro, Interior, Barber, Portfolio) are importable as one slider group from now on. This means you can import them without having to download all of the sliders one by one. The landing pages released in the future will also have the option to be imported as a group.

The grouping process is quite simple. Use the bulk selection tool to select multiple sliders. Find the “Add to group” button above the slider list. Then select the group where you would like to put the added sliders. In case you don’t have groups, you can create a new one at this step. If you already have at least one group, you can only choose from the list. So you should create a new group using the “Create group” button above the slider list, on the right side.

If you would like to add only one slider to a group, you can select the “Add to group” button from the slider menu. You can even drag’n’drop the single slider into a group. The groups have a nice interface, almost like normal sliders. This provides many future possibilities to improve the groups with additional features.

Group options

There are three possibilities to put a slider into a specific group.

  • Move – Moves the slider into the group and removes it from the previous spot.
  • Copy – Duplicates the slider into the selected group, and leaves the original one untouched. Any changes made to the original or the duplicated slider will not affect the other slider.
  • Link – Copies the slider into the selected group. Any changes made to the original or the duplicated slider will affect the both sliders. (Basically, it’s the same slider with the same ID in two places.)

First group slider demo

On the occasion of the new feature, we released two new landing pages, Museum and Coffee. These are our first sliders that you can import as a group from the beginning. Check them out and import them if you like them. The new landing pages contain blocks, simple and showcase sliders. They also have clean, modern look. You can, of course, import each slider individually as well.

Do you find the slider group feature useful? Share your first impressions, update your slider, test the new feature and let us know what you think.