Daniel David

The first milestone of the Smart Slider 2

Firstly I want to say thank you for your feedback, especially for our awesome beta testers. Also thanks to everyone who share ideas and requests with us, we highly appreciate this gesture! Few weeks ago the free version of the Smart Slider 2 hit 10k downloads.It isn’t spectacular, obviously, but it’s a good result to reach in less than 22 days, in addition we hit a massive milestone with 1000 likes on our Facebook page. Hurray!

First milestone of Smart Slider 2

We’re working to make Smart Slider 2 better day by day and today finally we reached the first milestone. In this post I would like to share our ideas and the latest features as well as open a public place for the community to discuss the future of the slider. Let’s see the latest and greatest features:

Design and Redesign

With the latest version we’ve added a totally new management system for the sliders, the popup menu. I’m sure that we’re going to add a lot of new features in the future so we had to figure out a new way for the navigation. In the next weeks we would like to test it and hear your feedback from this navigation type.

Smart Slider 2 menu

Ideas and Requests

  • NEW Generators: Easyblog, Picasa, WOO, WordPress tags, Seblod CCK
  • NEW Items: Shapes Joomla modules
  • NEW widgets: Text bullet
  • NEW slider types: Waterwheel
  • NEW systems: Magento, Native HTML


  • Advanced autoplay
  • Randomize slides
  • Import/export
  • More sample slider
  • JS events
  • Advanced layer management: Lock layers, Hide layers
  • Lazy loading
  • Backend font revision

If you have any other idea please feel free to leave a comment below. We can discuss the requests and build a great slider. By the way, Smart Slider 2 has a free version! Why not download it today and try out?