Can I use Nextend Social Login in a WebView?

Some providers of Nextend Social Login can work well in iOS WebView and Android WebView.

But others have limitations, so they can not work or they can only work on specific WebViews:


Google does not allow WebViews to use its OAuth endpoints, for this reason we hide the Google buttons in all WebViews.
Note: In version 3.1.5 and before, the Google buttons might show up in the WebView of the following Apps:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Line

as earlier Google whitelisted these embedded browsers for some reason. But since this is no longer the case we had to remove the Google buttons in all WebViews for the future versions.


On October 5, 2021, Meta officially deprecated the Facebook login over Android embedded browsers (WebViews) for logging in users.
For this reason starting from version 3.1.3, Nextend Social Login will no longer display the Facebook button in Android embedded browsers. We will continue displaying the buttons in iOS WebView, as currently Facebook has only announced this limitations for Android WebViews. Of course this might change in the future.