Compatible plugins

Security Plugins

Here are the security plugins which work perfectly with Nextend Social Login:

  • Hide My WP
  • Rename wp-login.php
  • Shield security
  • Siteguard
  • Cerberus
  • All In One WP Security

Currently known conflict with security plugins:

Custom Integrations

New User Approve

– Login restriction – New User Approve automatically creates a new user before NSL registration, which would cause a conflict. So Nextend Social Login needs to prevent it if the registration is happening with one of the social providers.

Ultimate Member

– Login Restriction integration.

TML 6.4.17

– Login Restriction integration – Show notification when login is bound to Admin Approval or E-mail Confirmation.

WP Cerber

– Login Restriction integration – users won’t be able to login when they are blocked by WP Cerber.


– Avatar integration – BuddyPress will be able to display the avatars of the users who registered with one of our social providers. To make this happen Nextend Social Login automatically uploads the avatars to the path: wp-content/uploads/avatars/[userId]

Woocommerce User Email Verification

– We need to prevent sending the Woocommerce User Email Verification notification if Login restriction is turned off.