Facebook – Upgrade API Call version

As for Nextend Social Login 3.0.15, we are using the Facebook Graph API v3.2.
To be able to use the Sync data fields of the Facebook provider, an approved App Review is still required!


Some fields are no longer available with the permissions of the default public_profile scope, meaning that the user’s permission is required to access those fields.
The following fields are involved:

  • Age range – scope: user_age_range
  • Profile link – scope: user_link
  • Gender – scope: user_gender

Deprecated fields:

Some fields return no data and some fields became completely deprecated. We have removed the following deprecated fields from the Sync data:

  • Currency
  • TimeZone
  • Locale

API Call – Upgrade

Facebook APPs which were created a long time ago, may need to be upgraded to be fully compatible. You need to follow these steps to upgrade the API Call version of your Facebook APP:

  • head over to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/
  • login with your developer account if you are not logged in yet
  • select your APP
  • click Settings>Advanced
  • Select the latest version under the Upgrade API Version section for both “Upgrade All Calls” and “Upgrade Calls for App Roles”

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