Why does the registration take so long?

What causes the problem usually?

In most cases, the registration times are delayed by either third party plugin or a server specific setting.

How to find out the exact cause of the problem?

Start the debugging with the plugins and themes:

First we usually suggest is doing a plugin/theme conflict test, as this way you can find out if the proble mis caused by a third party code. For this you need to change your theme to an unmodified WordPress default theme – like Twenty Twenty – then all plugins should be disabled except Nextend Social Login. Next you should try registering a new account with a social media account that’s email address is not registered on your site, yet.

  • If the delayed registration problem no longer occurs, then that confirms the problem is caused by a third party plugin. You can find out which one causes the problem if you start enabling the inactive plugins one by one, or in small groups and your try a new registration with social login.
  • If the problem still persists even with the basic WordPress theme and Nextend Social Login being only enabled then proceed to the next step.
Let’s take a look at the server:

Your server can log errors, that may help in identifying problems.
Write this code inside your wp-config.php file right under the <?php part:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set("log_errors", 1);
ini_set("error_log", dirname(__FILE__)."/php-error.log");

Then try registering a new account with social login. Probably the error will be written out, but if not, a php-error.log file should also appear in the root folder of your site, in the folder where your wp-login.php file is also located.
You should look for errors, and you will see, if comes from a plugin or the server.

Possible problems with hosts / servers:

Digital Ocean – Ubuntu droplet

According to the feedback, on Digital Ocean – Ubuntu droplets you may experience slow registration times, caused by a server configuration that makes the emails being sent slowly. Nextend Social Login registers the users the same way as WordPress does, so WordPress will automatically send the default registration notifications upon registration. With emails sent with a delay, the login will also be delayed. In this topic you can find a guide, that helped our customer in fixing the problem.