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Smart Slider 3 Hits 100K Downloads

Six months ago we released the Smart Slider 3 and now we passed the magic 100k downloads! Since the launch, we’ve implemented over 247 changes and released 31 versions based directly on your suggestions! All of our customers have inspired us to push our boundaries to the next level! We’re constantly working on updates while continuing to focus on making the core building experience fast, simple, and efficient. In the past months we’ve added plenty of stability and performance improvements but this is the time to focus on new features and ideas!

Smart Slider 3 hits 100k downloads

Big feature update on the horizon for Smart Slider 3

A new major version is already on the way and we’re rolling out the beta version soon. Some of the new features are:

  • Layer Groups
  • Style Guide
  • New Sample Sliders
  • New Layer Types
  • New Control Types
  • UI Improvements
  • Much more super secret stuff

New era in Nextend’s life

At Nextend we’re constantly pushing to refine our offerings and add new value. This time we would like to start to create quality content for designers and developers. What does it mean exactly? New posts about the latest WordPress or Joomla news, web design trends, interviews, guides, exclusive resources and new subpages for Smart Slider 3. High quality content on web design and development week by week – this is our goal. So stay tuned and join over 12.000 subscribers who get our content first.

Smart Slider 3 community group

Community building

We’ve always dreamed of building a community. A place for you to find inspiration for your website and the opportunity to connect with other Smart Slider 3 users to help bring your best ideas to life. Community has always played an important role at Nextend and it’s a part of who we are. But in the past years we didn’t have any good ideas about the implementation, then one of our customer mentioned us in the Divi Facebook group. For real, it was good to see how great this group is, Elegant Theme’s community rocks! It’s about time we gave our community a home and we can start to discuss new features and ideas together.
Come join our group now!

New tutorial videos

Our latest Smart Slider 3 tutorial video is very popular and because you write us lots of feedbacks we’ll continue the series. Animations, responsive settings, events, tips and tricks are on the list. Peter’s sexy voice is ready just we have to start to record the new videos, soon!

Win a lifetime license

Would you like to make decision about the next sample slider? What do you think about Smart Slider 3? Let us know and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Lifetime license. Please fill in this 2-minute survey and help us plan the future sliders.


J.O.S.C.A.R awards

JandBeyond is the conference for Joomla developers and site integrators from around the world. In 2016 the conference will take place from May 20th to May 22nd in Barcelona. J.O.S.C.A.R. nominations are open to the entire Joomla! Community and will be shortlisted by a group of international jury. If you have a minute please nominate Smart Slider 3 in Commercial Joomla Add-ons and Best Product Support category. Every vote is highly appreciated!

All in all these six months have been a wild ride and we’re really grateful for our amazing users!

Let the next mile begin!

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