Nextend Social Login automatically adds the login buttons to the default WordPress login area. Of course, you can publish the login buttons anywhere where you want them. At each provider there is a Usage menu, where you can find the shortcode of the provider and example to include the login via a simple link.

For instance, at the Facebook provider, you can find these shortcodes:


[nextend_social_login provider="facebook"]

[nextend_social_login provider="facebook" style="icon"]

[nextend_social_login provider="facebook" style="icon" redirect=""]

[nextend_social_login trackerdata="source"]

Which you can include in your page or post, or using the do_shortcode function, anywhere in your theme. See the full list of parameters you can use.

PHP example

This code will display the Facebook login button when inserted into the theme’s PHP file:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[nextend_social_login]'); ?>

At the Widgets, you can also find a Nextend Social Login widget which you can place to any widget postion.

Why can’t I see the login buttons?

Nextend Social Login Free version only places the login buttons automatically to the /wp-login.php form and the login forms made using the wp_login_form action.

Nextend Social Login Pro Addon can also place the the login buttons to the WooCommerce, BuddyPress, MemberPress, UserPro forms and also to the WordPress Comment forms.

How can I publish the login buttons anywhere?

Use the PHP code or the Shortcode.